Eat To Live Diet

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Eat To Live Diet

Give This doctor six weeks of your life, and he will help you achieve a nothing less than dramatic weight loss. He may even help you save your own life!

In six weeks you will only eat a nutrient dense, low-calorie diet that will exclude all dairy products, most animal products, in-between meal-snacks, fruit juices, and dried fruit.

So, what reamins? Tons of choices, especially if you’re a vegan. Basically this program is a low-calorie vegan diet with an huge emphasis on green vegetables. In fact, your goal will be to eat at least one pound of raw and one pound of cooked vegetables every day.

Under the Doctor’s program you can eat any amount of raw vegetables (including carrots), cooked green vegetables, beans, legumes, sprouts, fresh fruit, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and tomatoes which makes you feel satisfied. However, limits are placed on the amount of cooked starchy vegetables, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, avocados, tofu, and ground flaxseed. Cooked starchy vegetables or whole grains are restricted to one cup each day. In this category he includes butternut or acorn squash, corn, potatoes, rice, cooked carrots, sweet potatoes, breads, and cereals. Most of the fat in this six-week plan comes from raw nuts and seeds, avocado, and ground flaxseed, which are healthy and beneficial to the body.

On Dr. Fuhrman’s diet a patient can lose weight and not be hungry all the time. Eating this nutrient dense diet means you will be satisfied with fewer calories and will be able to shed weight effortlessly. Dr. Fuhrman has had over 10,000 patients who have been successful in losing pounds and improving their long term health.

The basic premise of Eat to Live is summed up in his statement, “Eating large quantities of high nutrient foods is the secret to optimal health and permanent weight control. In fact, eating much larger portions of food is one of the beauties of the Eat to Live diet. You eat more, which effectively calms your appetite, and you lose weight, forever.”