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Health Insurance Quotes

Finding affordable health insurance may seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be very simple. Be sure to sign up with a carrier who maintains a significant network in your area. Health insurance is only as good as the doctors you will be visiting in your time of need. We have lots of plans to choose from. Get your Health Insurance Quote today! How to choose an individual health insurance plan When shopping for an individual health insurance policy, it pays to do your homework. According to Cheryl Leamon, spokesperson for Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Do I want to keep my doctor? If you have a particular physician you like, that might dictate whether an HMO or a PPO is right for you. In an HMO, you must use the plan”s network of doctors in order to receive coverage. A PPO plan will let you visit any doctor.
  • What is my household”s current and anticipated health care need? Consider the services you and your family will need on a regular basis. If your child has asthma, will he have to see an asthma specialist routinely to keep it under control?
  • What will my out-of-pocket expenses and monthly premiums cost? Does it make sense for me to pay a higher premium for lower out-of-pocket costs? If you want a comprehensive health plan — and don”t want many of out-of-pocket expenses — an HMO provides a very cost-effective plan. But if you”re in your 20s or 30s, have no children and some extra savings, you can possibly save money by buying a policy that covers only catastrophic illnesses. Remember, though, you”ll have to pay out of your own pocket for routine doctor visits and laboratory tests.

To estimate health plan costs, try a health care insurance cost calculator from

  • Does the plan cover prescriptions and X-rays? Prescriptions are one of the most used benefits of health plans. Review the coverage of any health plan to determine if your current prescriptions are covered and at what level. X-rays are a routine part of some treatments, so it”s wise to make sure X-rays are covered in each plan you consider.
  • Do I prefer certain specialists? Some plans limit not only your visits but also who you can see. If you want to see an acupuncturist or chiropractor, be sure to ask your health insurance agent about coverage for these services. Psychotherapy and other mental health services will likely have specific limitations as well.
  • What do I look for if I can”t afford a policy that covers routine care? Look for comprehensive  plans with higher deductibles rather than cutting back on coverage. A basic hospital/surgical plan might cost less, but if you end up in the hospital, the last thing you need to add to your list of worries is how you”re going to pay for follow-up care once you”re released.
  • What will it cost me for emergency care? Look at what costs, including co-pays or co-insurance, or services such as hospital and surgery care, apply towards the deductible. Leamon advises looking at what defines “emergency care” in your policy.

“Some policies may pay for a broken leg or an injury due to an accident, but won”t cover an illness you were treated for in the emergency room. And still other more affordable plans will cover a visit to the emergency room, but not an extended stay in the hospital. Since emergency care can be the most costly in any health insurance plan, it is best to read the fine print,” she says.

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